About Hospitality House TC Inc.

Our Mission is to support individuals seeking to begin a better life through action, awareness, and personal responsibility.

Core Values and Principles
  • Dignity and respect for all individuals
  • The healing power of human relationships
  • Compassion for stigmatized populations
  • Commitment to competence in evidence-based practices
  • The empowering potential of community

Board of Directors
Norwig Debye-Saxinger
William J. Keefer
Patrick W. Reilly
Jack Mulvey
Board Members:
Tom Buckley
Steve Farer
Charles Feldman
William F. Gibney
Erik LaChance
Barry H. Levine
Rev. Francis "Frank” O’Connor

Conveniently located in Albany, New York

Hospitality House is fortunate to be located in the capital of New York State. The city of Albany is home to various cultural activities, institutions of higher education, and numerous social programs.

271 Central Avenue, Albany, NY 12206
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