Our mission is to provide the very best quality of care and substance use treatment. We provide clients with the space to find themselves and to become their fullest potential. We look forward to supporting you and your family during this time, please contact us with any questions or inquiries you may have.

Hospitality House is certified and licensed by OASAS and the state of New York. We work closely with clients, families, and the state justice system to assist clients. Our clients live in our facility and engage in a treatment structure that is run by trained clinicians as well as clients and peers. Each client is assigned an individual counselor and a program counselor, along with other staff, who will follow and support the client through their Hospitality House journey.

Clients engage in weekly individual counseling, multiple weekly group sessions, in-house services including group activities, psycho-education seminars, and impromptu focus groups where clients receive feedback and guidance from staff and peers on current behavior and issues. Clients also support each other through peer workshops.

Hospitality House works with outside services, including education services ACCES-VR, BOCES, and Trinity Alliance's Capital South Campus Center. Clients may also enroll in a college program during their stay, if appropriate. Clients have access to mental health services from day one, including medication management and additional counseling, as well as other services including trauma-focused groups, groups focused on criminal thinking, and gambling addiction services – among a host of others.

Once a client successfully completes our program, he will be referred for follow-up treatment with an outpatient or other OASAS provider.