Executive Team

Young Do, LMSW

Executive Director

Tom O’Toole, CPA

Chief Financial Officer

Linda Smith, CASAC-Advanced

Director of Operations

Ryan Kane, MSW

Compliance Officer, HR Manager

Jim Martino

Facilities Director

Sarah Lipscomb, CASAC-T

Business Manager


Dinny McClintock, LCSW-R, CASAC -M

Clinical Supervisor

Keren Stempsey, LMSW

Senior Counselor

Paula Odom, LMSW

Primary Counselor

Bonnie Wisnewski, LMHC

Primary Counselor

Matthew Walsh, AAS, CASAC-2

Primary Counselor

John Cavalari, M.S, CASAC-Advanced

Education and Vocation Counselor, Primary Counselor

Megan Callanan, LMSW

Primary Counselor

Donald Dischert, CRPA, CARC

Program Counselor

Timothy Kiggins, CRPA

Program Counselor

Earl Edwards, CASAC-T

Program Counselor

Craig Harvey, CASAC-T

Program Counselor

Miriam Edmunds, LPN, CASAC-T

Activities Coordinator


Joshua Zamer, MD 

Medical Director

Kirsten Ballowe, RN

Nurse Manager

Taneisha Foy, LPN 


Patricia Stewart, LPN 


Autumn Wells, LPN



Stefon Jenkins

Information Technology and Security

Brittney Shultes

Office Manager/HR Assistant

Kadaysha Marriott

Manager of Client Services

Shannon Elberth

Maintenance Manager

Robert Harrington Jr.

Kitchen Manager

Board of Directors


Charles Feldman


Paulot E. Truchard


Jack Mulvey


Erik LaChance


Norwig Debye-Saxinger

Board Members

Tom Buckley
Patrick W. Reilly
William F. Gibney
Barry H. Levine
Rev. Francis “Frank” O’Connor
David Siegfeld

"Thank you so much to ALL of the staff for the heart and dedication you put into HH. Each and every one of you helped me in many ways.You really are the "Dream Team". I have to give my deepest thanks to everyone there..."
Bruce K.
Used with permission
"Of all the places I have been, Hospitality House is the one that saved my life. It took me a while to change, but with the persistence and care your staff provided, I have learned more about myself than ever before..."
James D.
Used with permission
"Everything I have in my life today I owe to the staff at Hospitality House. Everything I will have in my life I also owe to Hospitality House. The type of bonding that goes on at Hospitality House is what most addicts need to help us change our lives..."
Lawrence F.
Used with permission

Hospitality House TC Inc.

271 Central Avenue

Albany, NY 12206

(518) 434-6302


Hospitality House

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