Successful completion is not about the amount of time residents spend in the program. Successful completion depends on whether residents have obtained at least a majority of their individualized treatment goals, a safe discharge plan, and have demonstrated behaviors that will support a successful recovery.

Hospitality House offers basic primary care services on-site including physicals, other assessments, medication management, and referrals to specialist treatment as needed. Residents will receive a health assessment within 24 hours of admission and residents will see the Medical Director on an as needed basis while in the program. During discharge planning, case management services are offered to connect residents to these services in the community.

We offer services to address mental health care needs. We have qualified professionals who prescribe medications for mental health as well as medications for addiction treatment (see next item). Additionally, the primary counselors are all master’s level counselors (either social workers or mental health counselors and are supervised by a Licensed Clinical Social Worker/Master CASAC). Again, during discharge planning, case management services are offered to connect residents to these services in the community.

We have many clients who are on some form of MAT from Suboxone to Vivitrol.

Please note that for methadone, residents will need to be affiliated with a local methadone provider. If you are currently taking methadone, your current provider will assist in the referring process to a local methadone provider.

If you would like to be prescribed methadone, Hospitality House will assist in the referral process to a local methadone clinic. Note, this process may take a while and depends on the availability of treatment slots at our partner providers.

Medication decisions are between the resident and our qualified prescribing professionals. There are no “forbidden” medications, however, due to the abuse and/or addiction potential of some medications (typically stimulants and benzodiazepines), the prescriber will likely want to explore alternatives first. The resident’s history (including success and lack thereof) with certain medications will also be an important factor. In this program, most medications (other than methadone and medications prescribed by an outside specialist) will be prescribed in-house.

The building is located on the corner of Central Avenue and North Lake Avenue in Albany, NY. There is an on-site recreation area with a video game system and a small gym. There is WiFi available.

In short, we do allow clients to smoke cigarettes in approved areas during designated times. There is no tobacco/nicotine usage inside the building or in the agency vehicles and we encourage all clients to become smoke/tobacco free. Residents are not allowed to possess, or use vapes at any time (and any found vapes will be discarded). To help residents with any cravings, our prescriber can help residents obtain nicotine replacement aids.

Hospitality House takes note of any allergies or special dietary needs upon intake. The program’s kitchen manager works with our nutritionist to accommodate many special needs by offering alternatives. The nutritionist is available for clients to see to consult on their diet.

Coffee and snacks are served daily. No outside food is permitted without approval and no food or drinks (other than water) are allowed upstairs.

Chores are primarily cooking and cleaning. We aim to keep the facility as clean as possible.

Room and board are paid for, in most cases, by the resident’s county’s department of social services temporary assistance benefit program. In the event that the resident is ineligible for temporary assistance through their county’s department of social services for some other reason (for example, income is too high for eligibility), the resident will need to pay for treatment. These details can be worked out prior to admission. Upon admission all residents must turn in their benefit cards. Residents will open a case with Albany County (for food stamps) and once established the food stamps will be retrieved by the program monthly to cover the cost of the meals which have been provided.

If the resident is on SSI or SSD, they will need to make Hospitality House the payee while they are here. All clients who are on SSI/SSD will have some limited “spending money” for personal hygiene items and other necessities.

If the resident is receiving temporary assistance from their county, or if they are on SSI or SSD, they will receive a personal needs allowance. Residents are allowed to have at most $20 each week unless they are given permission otherwise.

No, there is no difference. Hospitality House is a “voluntary” program (which means residents are free to leave at any time), however, some clients do have external mandates (probation, parole, drug courts, etc.) For those clients with external mandates, once a release is signed, we will be sending progress reports to the legal entities.

Hospitality House staff will arrange transportation to self-help meetings in the Capital District that residents are approved to attend. Hospitality House may also arrange for self-help meetings to take place at the facility.

Hospitality House will accommodate if a resident wants to practice their religion at the facility. If a resident wants to attend an outside institution, this is discussed on a case-by-case basis with the individual counselor, clinical supervisor, and Director of Operations.

We follow NYS guidelines for healthcare settings which tend to be stricter than the policies for the general population.

In our program there are no “passes”. Time outside of the program is limited to specialty medical appointments, legal appointments or scheduled trips with staff.

Yes, we encourage clients to invite their family to visit them, however, all visits have to be pre-approved and visitors must follow COVID protocols.

Clients are given the cell phone policy at admission. Cell phones are allowed during specific hours.

Hospitality House has evolved into a nationally recognized, multi-service agency providing a range of high quality, community-based treatment services. Clients completing our Perception of Care surveys rate our staff highly as caring, skilled professionals. We offer individualized, client-centered, trauma-informed treatment. Our program staff specialize in being empathic, understanding and non-judgmental to all who enter. We believe in structure and guidance to help prepare our clients for a successful journey through their recovery. Our support continues even after completion of the program, as we welcome alumni that stay on their path of recovery to come for dinner, sober support meetings, check-ins, and overall continued support, upon program approval. We are always just a phone call away!

Please contact our main line for admissions which is 518-434-6468 option 1. 

"Thank you so much to ALL of the staff for the heart and dedication you put into HH. Each and every one of you helped me in many ways.You really are the "Dream Team". I have to give my deepest thanks to everyone there..."
Bruce K.
Used with permission
"Of all the places I have been, Hospitality House is the one that saved my life. It took me a while to change, but with the persistence and care your staff provided, I have learned more about myself than ever before..."
James D.
Used with permission
"Everything I have in my life today I owe to the staff at Hospitality House. Everything I will have in my life I also owe to Hospitality House. The type of bonding that goes on at Hospitality House is what most addicts need to help us change our lives..."
Lawrence F.
Used with permission

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